Ministering to Brooksville & All of Hernando County


Anchor Baptist Church



Anchor Baptist Church

Presently Contributes to the Support of 40 Mission Works


NOTE: Over time, some of these links may “break.” Drop me a note to let me know that a link is broken and needs to be updated.


To the Continent of Africa

Jerry Daniels – Kenya


To the Continent of Asia

Mark Buxton – Philippines

Lighthouse Children’s Home – India

Unnamed – China

Unnamed – Nepal


To the Continent of Australia &  Oceania

Chris Goodman - Australia

Michael Nelson – Australia

Erwin Santosa – New Zealand


To the Continent of Europe

Greg Albert – Wales

Danny Flowers – France


To the Continent of North America


Gene Burge – President, Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples

Christian Law Association - Legal Missionary for U.S.A. Ministries

John Green – Bible Printing Ministry

German Rivera – Prison Ministry

Howard Rothenberg – Jewish Missions U.S.A.

Don Stertz – Bible Distribution

Warren Storm - U.S.A. Fundamental Bus Ministry

Glen Stockton – U.S.A. Church Planting



Walt Griffith – Haiti

Shelley Grimm – Honduras

Lighthouse Children’s Home – Costa Rica

Lighthouse Children’s Home – Mexico

Lighthouse Children’s Home – Panama


To the Continent of South America

Ray Boltz – Guyana

David Cato – Brazil

Todd DeWitt – Brazil

Ivan Chacon – Chile

Ben Metzger – Argentina

Terry Sanders – Costa Rica

Walter Silva – Uruguay